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Are you ready to make a change in your relationship? Have you tried to fix things over and over again with no change in results? Do you wish you and your partner could communicate better? Do you want a stronger and healthier bond?

Loving someone else doesn’t have to be so hard. We were brought up to hear that you fall in love and live happily ever after. However, most people were not given the tools necessary to sustain a lasting, loving partnership. Consequently each person may feel that they have unmet needs and concerns which are not being addressed. In addition to this, with the pressures of modern society, couple relationships often take a back seat to employment and children, which can diminish the couple bond. Couples counseling is an opportunity for both of you to take the time you deserve to focus on your relationship.

Couples Counseling FAQ’s

What is different about Couples Counseling?

Firstly, Couples Counseling is different because the focus is on the relationship, instead of the individual. This does not mean that each individual is not important – you are – but the counselor’s job is to listen to both of you, and provide feedback as you come to decisions and create new behaviors which will strengthen the relationship. While I will want to know about you each individually, it will be through the lens of how each of your interactions – past and present – may be affecting your relationship today.

What is Couples Counseling with Trisha Falvey, MA, LAMFT like?

It is wonderful when two people commit to counseling to examine their relationship. Unfortunately, unless this is done in the very beginning of a relationship, most couples seek a counselor after extended amounts of relational discomfort and pain. Most often both people have felt hurt and disappointed and feel they may be taking a big risk to try again. In our counseling sessions your journey will be acknowledged and we will work together to find solutions which will strengthen your relationship. You will set the goals, and I will provide feedback, and thoughts to consider, to assist you in achieving your goals. Most couples prefer an 80 minute session, in order for both of you to have an opportunity to speak and find resolution. During the time you come to couples counseling I will ask that you make this process and your relationship a priority, both within the session and in completing the assignments ( don’t worry – they are short and some of them are even fun ) in between.

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