It can be difficult to find a meaningful wedding gift these days. Many couples  already seem to have everything they need to create a home. While they may have tools for cleaning and repair, do they have the tools they need to have an enduring marriage?

If you knew you could give them skills to help their marriage last a lifetime, would you? Research has shown that Premarital Counseling reduces divorce by 30%. Couples who complete Premarital Counseling are more likely to report satisfaction in marriage and to seek help if they are having difficulties.

Love may have brought them together but the stressors of life may drive them apart if they aren’t aware of what keeps a relationship strong.   Premarital Counseling and Education offers couples a chance to explore their strengths and growth areas  and also provides valuable techniques for enhancing communication and affection.

Many families and friends are giving Premarital Counseling and Education as a wedding gift. It is a way for them to celebrate the love that was found, and encourage a marriage which lasts a lifetime. What a great gift!

If you are looking for a therapist who offers Premarital Counseling and is certified in Prepare-Enrich please contact Trisha Falvey, M.A.,LMFT

* Couples who complete Premarital Counseling and Education receive a discount on their marriage license in Minnesota.