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Minneapolis Family Therapy. Is one family member’s behaviors or concerns affecting all of you? Is one family member so unique that it challenges your ideas of family and parenting? Do you wish things would feel different? Are you struggling to figure out how to be the best parent you can be? If so, it is not because you have failed, rather it is that you want a change for the whole family and just might need a little more information. Of course you do – they are your family!

Too often the pressures of our modern world can erode the family structure. It is no longer thought that children are too young to know – they have emotions and feelings just as adults do, but often expresses themselves in ways that can be difficult to understand. Some family members fall prey to misbehaviors or addictions in order to cope. Even after the problems are addressed, there can be damaging after – affects that linger. Family Counseling is a time for your family to slow down, come together and pay attention to each person’s voice, concerns and ideas for resolution. Each family decides their own goal for counseling and it is my job to provide feedback and keep you on track as you achieve your goals. Family Counseling is the chance for you to focus on your family’s emotional health.

Family Counseling FAQ’s

How is Family Therapy different than individual therapy?

Family therapy can offer healing and solutions for a whole family unit – not just one individual. The focus is on how the family system can work better. Each family member has the opportunity to speak, in order to achieve your family’s goal. The family bond is a strong one – and it can feel positive, negative or both. Most families seeking family counseling want to increase the positive bond and relationships within the family – through which comes healthier families.

What is Family Counseling with Trisha Falvey, MA, LMFT like?

Family counseling offers your family the chance for each members voice to be heard. Each family decides their own goals and I will work with you to attain them. There may be times when I feel it is best for a few family members to have a session together, but most often, it is best if all immediate family members are present. A family session usually lasts 80 minutes, but longer sessions can be scheduled if necessary. During the time your family is in counseling I would ask that you make this process a priority, and be present within the sessions and complete any assignments given in between sessions.  ( Don’t worry – they are short assignments and some of them are even fun ) Family Counseling is an opportunity for learning, healing and growth and can often inspire families to go from good to great!

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