Premarital Counseling

” If people spent as much time preparing for their marriages as they do their weddings there would be a lot less divorce.”


Research has shown that premarital counseling not only lessons the chance of divorce but also increases marital satisfaction.

Premarital preparation can reduce divorce by 30%. ( Stanley, Amato, Johnson and Markham 2006 )

Couples who participate in a premarital program ( Prepare ) significantly increased their couple satisfaction. ( Knutson & Olson,2003 )

While Hollywood depicts a view of happily ever after, the reality is that marriage requires compromise, work and a commitment both to each other and to maintaining a strong connection. Premarital counseling can help give you the tools you need to nourish your relationship and weather any storms that may arise.

Minnesota recognizes the impact premarital counseling has on strengthening marriages and reducing divorce. Consequently we are one of a handful of States that offers incentives for couples to complete premarital counseling. In Minnesota any couple who completes 12 hours of premarital education with a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist or an ordained religious leader receives a $75 discount on their marriage license.

Premarital counseling is not simply a gift for your wedding – it is a gift for your Marriage.