January 1st brings an opportunity for fresh starts and new beginnings. Common resolutions for 2012 include getting a better job, losing weight and reducing stress. These can all be worthy goals, however it makes sense to include improving relationships on that list as well. Healthy relationships enhance both physical and mental health and increase feelings of well being. This year, each person could pick one relationship and focus on making it better. This relationship could be with yourself, your child, your spouse or a coworker – just pick one and focus on improving it. What might happen if you spent 10 minutes a day intentionally working to strengthen your understanding of another person or yourself? What would that look like for you? What would it take to achieve this? What thoughts or actions will you take to facilitate a healthier, more rewarding relationship?

In this fast paced world it is easy to take human relationships for granted and forget to nurture ourselves and the bonds of connection. Perhaps 2012 is the year to resolve to change this trend and focus on relationships – one person at a time. Wishing you Peace, happiness and a healthy connection to yourself and others in the year ahead!

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