June is Pride month for the GLB and/or T communities. There are many wonderful events taking place but my favorite each year is the Pride Family Picnic. While there are many reasons to go to this awesome event here are the top 5 reasons not to miss the 2014 Pride Family Picnic.

1) It is FREE. That is right, you heard me, FREE! All food and beverages and entertainment for children are provided at no cost to you! On June 22, 2014 the old adage is proved untrue – There IS such thing as a free lunch!

2) Increase family pride and resiliency in our children. Research has shown that our children benefit from being in supportive environments and seeing families similar to their own.

3) It is an alcohol free event. Research completed by the Rainbow Health Initiative found that 25% of people in the GLBT communities have experienced a problem with alcohol or other drugs. For those who have decided to live without using alcohol or other drugs this event is a welcoming and safe place for you!

4) See your friends you haven’t seen all winter because it was simply too cold to go out! If you are new to the communities the picnic is a place to meet new friends because it is such a friendly environment. If you are new to the community and are nervous about going alone, why don’t you volunteer to help? It is a great way to meet new people and to pitch in and insure the event is a success.

5) Fun. That is right, the picnic is simply a good time. There is great food, fun activities and a friendly crowd who is either GLB and/or T or thinks that GLBT folks are great. What is not to love about that?

Hope you can make it to the Pride Family Picnic at Midway Stadium this Sunday, June 22,2014 from 11-1.

Note from the editor: This list was not written to be all inclusive and may not reflect the top 5 reasons you love the Pride Family Picnic. The writer wants to insure you that she understands that there are MANY more great reasons to not miss the picnic and that your reasons are just as valid as hers.