There are many ways couples prepare for a wedding. Some send invitations, order a cake and hire a band. Others plan a ceremony on the beach or in the mountains. There is nothing wrong with planning and going all out for your wedding day. I myself can not resist an occasional episode of the TLC show Platinum Weddings. My only hope is that couples spend at least as much time planning their marriage.

My hope is that people have tools to help them weather all the phases of marriage – from the stressors of planning a wedding to job changes, moving or other life changing events that occur unexpectedly. Is your relationship solid enough to withstand crises, loss and everyday stressors? When you are married long enough all of these things occur and if the relationship isn’t strong and tended to, these stressors may eventually weaken the bond of marriage.

Committing to spending your life with another person is a big deal – and many, some would say most, days are about compromise and generosity as opposed to the fantasy of happily ever after. Premarital counseling offers a couple a chance to plan how they will handle stressors and work to insure that communication, curiosity and kindness remain alive.

The State of Minnesota is aware of the research about premarital counseling and it’s contribution to lasting marriages. Consequently they offer a $75 discount on Marriage licenses couples complete a program which meets state standards.

If you are looking for a counselor for premarital counseling in the Twin Cities area please contact Trisha Falvey,LMFT