Q: Who answered the phone many times to hear death threats directed at her husband?

Q: Who encouraged and supported her husband, knowing the danger to the entire family, because of her strong belief in equality and justice?

Q: Who cared for 4 children, the youngest of whom was a few weeks old, while her husband was in a jail in Birmingham?

Q: Who had to tell her five year old daughter that the next time she would see her father he would be in a casket and not be speaking?

Q: Who spoke out for the rights of all minorities, including women and gay and lesbian people?

Q: Who founded the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change located in Atlanta GA?

Q: Who was the major force behind making Martin Luther King Jr day a national holiday?

A: Coretta Scott King

This post is dedicated to the spouses of all the heroes; to those who support and encourage them so that they may go and change the world.