There is nothing easy about infertility. There is hope and then disappointment, hope and then disappointment over and over again. A diagnosis of infertility may bring up emotions such as fear, sadness, anger, frustration and loneliness. While these emotions are normal the emotional roller coaster can be very difficult to manage without support and even the strongest couples may have a hard time communicating what they are feeling most deeply in a healthy way. The advent of new technologies may offer possibilities but they open the door for decisions most couples never thought they would have to make. There are many factors to consider when faced with an infertility diagnosis. Emotions need to be to be expressed freely as well as practical concerns about time, finances and options available. Many couples struggle to express themselves during this very difficult and painful time. Each has concerns about hurting the other or worry that they may not agree on what is the next right step for them. Sometimes meeting with a counselor who will help faciliate these discussions can be very helpful.

If you are facing a diagnosis of infertility, you will be making decisions today which may affect your life tomorrow. They may be the most personal decisions you will ever make and no one else will live with them for the rest of your lives but you. You deserve the time and space to discuss all options in a supportive environment where each person’s voice and wishes are heard. If I can be helpful to you on this journey please contact me to set up an appointment. Weekend appointments are available.