Life may not always feel like a picnic if you are GLBT, or love someone who is, however, this Sunday in honor of GLBT Pride month there IS a picnic – and it is a free event open to everyone. Sunday June 19, 2011 Twin Cities Pride is hosting the Pride Picnic. It is both family friendly and fun! There will be a free picnic lunch as well as games for little ones, and older folks too. This picnic is different from many school or neighborhood picnics as you are invited to come exactly as you are. As long as you like to eat and/or have fun then you are welcome. ( Actually those are my stipulations, in actuality the organizers require neither that you eat nor have fun ) The other wonderful piece about this picnic is that it is drug and alcohol free so it is perfect for all ages, and for people who may be in recovery from substance abuse as well.

Too often GLBT people and their families have to censor who they are or how they express themselves. This adds stress to individuals and families alike. The Twin Cities Pride Picnic is a day where you can be yourself, enjoy time together as a family, have a delicious lunch, and celebrate the GLB and T communities! You can learn more details about the event at Twin Cities Pride.

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