There are many reasons I loved living in Maryland. One of the main reasons was the way they responded to snow out there – which was to STOP EVERYTHING! When the snow fell, the city stopped – for days. I remember showing up for work, in an office of 200 and four of us were there – me, two people from Pittsburgh, and the head of the office who wondered why we were there during a snow storm. It was in Maryland that I learned about the real wonder of snow and the possibilities it affords. Our coworkers were safe at home; some enjoying a day of solitude and some enjoying a day with their families and partners. They were given an unexpected day off from the stressors of living in a fast paced world. Perhaps they were walking in the quiet that snow provides, maybe they were making memories with their kids or perhaps they were simply snuggled in the warmth of their homes. It is hard to know exactly what they were doing however I am pretty sure what they weren’t doing – missing work, errands, or the frenzied pace that seems to fill our days.

I realize there is a certain pride in Minnesota in regards to driving, regardless of weather. I am not a tow truck driver nor a doctor so I will not comment on the safety of this practice. However, as a therapist I believe we have something to learn from the folks in Maryland. In our attempt to forge ahead, regardless of weather conditions we may be missing out on a chance to slow down and connect with ourselves and each other. I encourage you accept the gift of a heavy snow fall and stay home, slow down and give yourself a day of freedom – a gift from Mother Nature herself!

In closing I would like to include a quote about snow by author Rachel Cohn:

“I love snow for the same reason I love Christmas. It brought people together while time stood still…No one seemed to be in a rush to experience anything other than the glory of the day, with each other, whenever and however it happened.”

What a wise statement, written by an author ( who just so happened to grow up in Maryland! )

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