There is pressure all around to please others. This is not always wrong however, often this idea of pleasing others can take a front seat to self love and care. This can leave you and your needs in the backseat – or on a bad day – in the trunk!

What if there was a National Day devoted to Loving yourself? What if there was one day of the year when you gave the energy and care usually reserved for your children, your career or your significant other and took care of yourself? What if you treated your own self like you would an adorable puppy, a coworker, a friend in need or a newborn baby? What would that day look like to you?

I encourage you to take a few minutes to envision what you would do on a day when you put your own needs and desires first and gave loving care and energy to that vision. What would such a day look like?

Where would you be?
What would you be doing?
Would you want to be with others or on your own?
Who would be near you?
Would there be laughter, quiet or both?

As a family therapist I get the chance to see the benefits that come with people learning to love themselves. The benefits are both personal and relational as self love and care are the foundation of a healthy relationship. For yourself, and for those you love, consider celebrating a National Day of Loving YOURSELF. You deserve it!

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