75 dollars. That is what it costs someone in Minnesota to avoid premarital counseling. As a counselor I would suggest that there are other costs, such as disharmony and separation when married couples don’t have the tools to help their love endure. However, this post is simply to educate Minnesotans about MN statute 517.08 and the discount they will receive on their marriage licenses if they complete premarital assessment and counseling. August 1,2013 is the first day same sex couples can marry in Minnesota. While I have had the privilege of offering Prepare/Enrich in the past I am thrilled that GLBT couples may now a) attain a marriage license b) qualify for the premarital counseling discount.

If you are looking for someone who offers Prepare/Enrich and premarital counseling for ALL couples, please contact Trisha Falvey, MA