The Family that Plays Together Stays Together!

Add fun to your family without breaking the bank. Here are 5 ways you and your family can bring the fun back into your household:

1) Family Meal Time. Make sure everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the set up, clean up, and conversation. ( Turn off cell phones )

2) Go for a Walk – especially if the weather is cold, rainy etc. You can make it a short walk – but the kids will always remember time the family walked up and down the driveway in the rain. ( Leave cell phones inside )

3) Movie Night – include popcorn and cuddles too! ( Turn off cell phones )

4) Learn together – Even if you can’t leave town there are many museums and historical sites within an hours drive. ( Most ask that you turn off cell phones )

5) Laugh – Sure, pressures are high on parents and kids alike these days, but laughter is a great stress reliever. If you are having difficulty finding humor, home movies are usually a good way to get the laughter going. Some things are very serious, but most things aren’t – so let go and laugh – it is going to do you, and your family good! ( Nothing ruins a good joke like an interrupting cell phone – so turn them off for this too)

Fun is a great way to build family unity and strength. If you have other fun, inexpensive activities that you and your family have enjoyed, please feel free to share them with others here.