November is Gratitude month in some communities. Gratitude has been shown to increase feelings of happiness and boost emotional and physical health. The Gratitude Game is a great, fun way to increase the gratitude you feel. Here are the rules:

Each player has 2 minutes to write down as many things as possible that make him/her feel grateful. Some examples might be: Music, The sun, My Grandmother’s smile, finding a parking spot close to the store… anything goes!!! If you are grateful for it – write it down.

The game may be played alone or with others. It can be great for whole families – or you can play on your own to increase your personal best.

At the end of two minutes players read their lists aloud. Each entry receives one point – All entries are counted as only you can say if it is something that makes you feel grateful.

The player with the most points wins the game. The best part is though, that at the end of the game everyone will most likely feel their spirits elevated. The only way to really lose the Gratitude Game is to never play it!


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