Top four reasons I recommend the book My Princess Boy

1) The princess boy is not only adorable but also a role model for following his heart and true self
2) The parents of the princess boy love and support him
3) The book lovingly embraces gender diversity and encourages all of us to do the same.
4) The book is brief and can be easily read to children of all ages and yet the material is rich for continuing discussion.

The book My Princess Boy is written by a Mother who understands the hardships of having a child who doesn’t fit into stereotypical gender roles and realizes it is the attitudes of society which are the problem – not her child. It is my hope that one day all princess boys, tractor pulling girls and all those who are transgender will be embraced and cherished by their families in the same way. While it can certainly mean the difference between encouraging your child to be his/her true self or live in hiding, it can also be the difference between life and death. Long live the Princess Boy!

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