On a lone Winter evening,when the frost has wrought a silence… John Keats 1816

As the longest night of the year approaches I invite you to the silence and peace that Winter offers. Give yourself the time and space to rest in the deep quiet of Winter. This will give you a chance to check in with yourself. While you may experience some difficult feelings ( which are there whether acknowledged or not ) you will have a chance to think about your life journey thus far. Are you at peace with your life and relationships?

If resting in the silence seems difficult you might want to ask yourself why. Have you gotten caught up in the frenzy of Holiday obligations? Sometimes this occurs due to an inability to say no to others expectations. Sometimes this happens because of our own excitement and not realizing we are too scheduled for out own good until it is too late. Sometimes the busyness serves to mask feelings that people are told they aren’t supposed to have. Feelings of disappointment, loneliness and grief are often not acknowledged throughout the year, much less during a holiday season. As human beings we are wired to have and express many emotions not just the happy ones, and by disallowing yourself the spectrum of feelings it is hard to live a wholehearted life.

This winter I invite you to come to the silence – and listen. Over scheduling and noise can keep us from living an intentional and vibrant life. This is a time for your heart, soul and feelings to speak. If you listen you may gain a deeper understanding of and connection to your inner self.

Wishing you peace as Winter approaches…

Trisha Falvey,MA,LMFT